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Probiotics are often described as ‘friendly flora’ or good bacteria - microorganisms that live happily in our intestinal system, supporting our immune system, digestive health and general wellbeing, so it’s important that we maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria.

Experts suggest we replenish our good bacteria especially after illness, or use of antibiotics, which destroy those important microorganisms, and Lily & Loaf offer a range of probiotic products for you, your family and even your pet.

Acti Biotic

Acti Biotic

£20.36(SRP: £23.95)  

- 50g Bottle (Up to 50 day supply)
- Healthy Rascals Multi Strain Formula
- Non GM or flavourings & preservatives


Vegetarian | Vegan | Gluten Free

Product Code: 6000

Pet Biotic

Pet Biotic

£19.51(SRP: £22.95)  

- 120 Tablets (Up to 120 day supply)   
- Chicken Flavour 
- Suitable for dogs only

Contains a broad spectrum of healthy bacteria which have been specifically chosen for their ability to help support a healthy balance of digestive flora in dogs.

Product Code: 7003

Pro B11

Pro B11

£25.46(SRP: £29.95)  

- 90 Capsules (45 to 90-day supply)
- 12 billion healthful bacteria per serving
- High potency, multi strain, live bacteria supplement


Gluten Free


Product Code: 1510


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